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August 03, 2007


Aileen Pacetti

Thank you very much for this video. It boosted my confidence about coaching immensely.

I am in my third year of teaching at a small South Austin private school where there is lots of flexibility in courses and curriculum. It's a wonderful thing, really. But I was caught off guard at the beginning of the summer when I told that I would be teaching a junior high and high school class called "Integrated Logic, Rhetoric, Grammar, Composition, and Latin. Oh and why don't you throw in some debate?"

I have a background in classical music and I received my degree in English, so all this sounded a bit overwhelming to me, and, in fact, I'm still working out how to structure the class. I am also not one to be ok with half-heartedly doing anything, let alone teach. But your blog has been a wonderful resource. I'm asking the administration if we can order your books for class, and this video, in particular, was quite comforting.

So thank you, again. I'm sure I'll be perusing the site for more inspiration.

Aileen Pacetti

...when I *was* told...

Kate Shuster

Hi Aileen,

I'm glad to hear that you found the video comforting. Sometimes I feel like our motto should be: "Debate: It's not rocket science," for all we try to do and demystify the practice of debating.

Check back soon - I'll be posting more videos over the course of the month.



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